Hotel Kailas is a boutique hotel that is nested in glorious nature,
directly facing the Ellora Caves, providing an ideal vacation spot amidst ancient Indian heritage.

For 1500 years, Ellora has served as pilgrimage site for millions of visitors. At Ellora you will find the greatest concentration of sculpture and cave temple architecture ever created by man. This world famous ancient religious center was made in homage to Gods of three religions : Buddhism, the resurging Hinduism and the later Jainism, in an inflorescence of concentrated burgeoning forms, constructed by thousands of sculptors under the direction of priest and architect in the Centuries 6th to 10 the AD Carved out from the living rock, nestled within the mile long cresent shaped rock face, these magnificent works of art serve the visitor to India as the essential lesson regarding the great historical and cultural part of the country. It is site not to be missed, as it holds within it, the essence of Indian culture.

- Carmel Berkson (USA)

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